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1 Strategy; Your Strategic Plan and Its Implementation

When we partner with a client, we first seek to understand their strategic intent. Do they have a strategic plan? Have they defined themselves in terms of their current and future markets, their competition, their strengths and weaknesses, their personnel and their structure?

Is their plan in writing and is it known throughout the organization? If one doesn’t exist we might start by helping to create one because without a focus it’s difficult to create a winning environment.

Succession Planning is a key part of your Strategy! Learn More

2 Defining Success

After an organization has developed its strategic direction, we examine how they have defined success. Examples might include, loyal customers, or increased share of the market, or return on equity. Each organization defines success differently. In many organizations this critical element is simply and inappropriately defined as plus 10%. That is if an organization has 10% growth over the previous year they claim success. Anything less is deemed unsuccessful. This mindset prevents good companies from becoming great and weak companies from becoming good. Learn More

3 People

One thing the organization may need to do differently is to look at their Leadership Systems, and their People to determine whether or not there is alignment with their Strategy.

For example: Are the ways that managers and supervisors behave, think, communicate, delegate, and reward employees consistent with the organization’s strategy? We help our clients understand that People are a business’ most valuable asset and they need to give it the investment it deserves. Learn More

4 Process

Another area for potential change may be their Operating Systems (Processes). We work with you to determine areas to make your process more efficient.

We look to determine if there is strategic alignment in the way that work flows through the organization, the way the organization is structured, the way employees are recognized, the way things are measured, and the way customer needs are met. Learn More

5 Succession Planning

We'll partner with you to develop a succession plan for your business. Have you ever thought about who would take over your business if any one of your key players left your organization or worse yet, passed away suddenly? These types of issues must be addressed if you want your business to thrive. Learn More

6 Sustainability

Many organizations focus on People, Process, and Environment in silos. We suggest taking a more systems-thinking approach to it. A cross-functional approach nets more effective sustainability initiatives. Learn More

7 What You Should Do Today To Make Your Business More Valuable

There is ultimately only one reason to create a business of your own, and that is to sell it! You start a business, grow that business, finish the business, and get paid for it. Learn More


In our experience, the degree to which there is alignment between Strategy, People, and Process, greatly impacts the likelihood of achieving success. If there is misalignment, the likelihood of achieving strategic goals is proportionally reduced.