What They Say: Client and Business Alliance Testimonials

"Gordon has transformed by business in just a few months. His guidance and expertise drastically changed my business approach and my bottom line. We defined my business goals and he keeps my focused and on target. His business knowledge and wisdom has helped me soar. Gordon offers concrete suggestions and connects we with other synergistic businesses. I can't thank you enough Gordon!"

Andrea Davis, CCIM, CRE Advisor

"I have worked with Gordon for over 4 years now and can say it has been extremely successful. My business has increased in volume and profit every year since we started working together. Gordon's experience, expertise and contacts have made my business double since I started working with him. I highly recommend Achieve Results Consulting to anyone looking to grow or streamline their business."

Lance Pederson, Owner-Home Inspector Eagle Eye Property Inspections

"Gordon Parkman is an outstanding Personal/Business Growth consultant. He helped me really look at the big picture and truly helped me achieve my desired results. If you're looking for a highly skilled and knowledgeable business coach with the years and numbers to back it, stop looking. You've already found him. I would highly recommend Gordon, can't thank him enough!"

Amanda Fishkind, Business Development and Sales Professional

"I highly recommend Gordon as a business consultant to help come along side and grow your business with you. There were three things I consistently experienced in the almost two years I worked with Gordon - Clarity on obstacles preventing my businesses growth, possible solutions, and accountability to move forward. Gordon has great instincts, solid experience, and consults in a way that helps unfold additional angles to your decision making. If you're contemplating hiring a business consultant, Gordon's your man!"

Elijah Atkison. Worship Support Network

"Gordon has been my business coach/consultant for a few months now, and the growth I have experienced in such a short time is amazing! He takes the time to understand my business and works with me to build goals for success. Not only have I seen revenue growth, but I've been able to manage my time more effectively. I really enjoy working with Gordon and can be myself to discuss wins and failures, which is an essential quality in a coach. I can't recommend Gordon enough!"

Allison Murray, Owner Decaffeinated Design

"As new business owners, Gordon has significantly impacted the growth of our company! We value his expertise in guiding us to make the right decisions for our business. He has helped us streamline our process to make our day-to-day more efficient. Gordon is passionate, direct and understanding, which we greatly appreciate and need.”

Jessica Kilker & Holly Lane, Co-owners of Brightside Creative Solutions

"In the time that I have been working with Gordon my business and understanding of my business has grown orders of magnitude. Gordon has a great knowledge of business and sees the business world from a great prospective. By working with him you are able to see past the small things that trip you up day to day and get involved in the main issues. He is able to focus your efforts on the issues that are hindering your growth."

David Hash, Continuum Consulting

"Gordon brings extensive experience and knowledge to the table when providing business success counseling. Read More I have worked with him for over a year now and more than anything his primary concern is the success of my business. Gordon is particularly able to help me focus on working “on my business” besides working “in my business.” As a small business owner it is far too easy to lose that distinction but Gordon keeps me focused in the right direction. My business is more concentrated and aimed at future success because of Gordon." Read Less

Gregory Poulos, Estate Planning and Small Business Lawyer

"I know Gordon quite well and he has managed to leave a lasting impression on my company. Read More Gordon has done an outstanding job in assisting with getting our company from an idea to a company in motion. Gordon is diligent, honest and forthcoming with ideas and concepts that are out of the box. In my opinion, Gordon's greatest attribute is his ability to recognize ones weaknesses and turn them into powerful characteristics. If your company is in need of inspiration and a wealth of new knowledge, I would suggest calling Gordon and listening to what Achieve Results Consulting can do to take your life and business to the next level." Read Less

Chad Vice, President Silly Sister, Inc.

"When I first talked to Gordon a couple of months ago, it was clear I was dealing with someone sensitive and at the same time hard-nosed, sophisticated and at the same time keeps everything simple and to the point, experienced but at the same time very open minded and curious. Read More I have worked with executives at prominent companies such as at Monsanto and AlliedSignal as well as others, and the executives that stood apart and were the best were easy to spot. The very best knew how to handle people, point them in the right direction, and motivate them to quickly go out and do things a few minutes ago they thought were impossible or didn't realize a few minutes ago were so obvious and simple to do. Gordon has this magic in spades! Working with him these past weeks has led my company to land some major clients! This just wouldn't have happened without Gordon's touch. If you want your company to go in the right direction and grow quickly I absolutely recommend Gordon. No matter how smart you think you are in business, all of us could stand to benefit from his gentle, but firm coaching, and his sharp business mind." Read Less

Gray McQuarrie, President Grayrock & Associates

"Gordon is not only a great consultant and valuable knowledge base, but has become part of our team here. Read More My company values his knowledge, all his help and hard work." Read Less

Josh Levine, CEO, JLevine Auction & Appraisal, LLC

"Gordon's in depth thought process into our business structure has been a huge attribute to our overall implementation of a new system into our facility. Read More His experience is a huge asset to any company." Read Less

Erik Hoyer, co-owner AZ Auctionman & J. Levine Auction & Appraisal

"I have had the privilege of working with Gordon for the past year on developing a non-profit organization in Phoenix. Read More He has made a tremendous impact on the organization. He has assisted us with increasing our membership, creating strategic goals and having a vision for the organization. Not only is he an expert in his field, he is personable, works with integrity and is a great mentor." Read Less

Tanya Martinez, President Phoenix AISES

"Gordon's analytical and strategic thinking skills are far above so many others that I have worked with over the last 37 years. Read More He quickly assesses a business situation and calmly recommends a strategic course of action to his clients. He's vast knowledge of finance, management and strategic planning sets him apart from the rest of the pack. He's a true professional that gets it and can communicate it in plain English to his clients. I am honored to know and work with Gordon on projects and consider him a real asset as a strategic partner. He is a terrific person and I recommend him to anyone that needs a REAL expert Coach to help them work through their business or individual needs." Read Less

Tom Azzarelli, Consulting CFO, B2B CFO

"I have had the pleasure of knowing Gordon for over three years. Read More He is extremely knowledgeable about business development and has taught me so much. He has acted as a mentor to me and helped me grow professionally in marketing and networking. Gordon is reliable, organized, honest and an all-around amazing person." Read Less

Kristin Madison, Assembly Services, Inc.

"Gordon has such wonderful insight and knowledge of today's growing businesses. Read More He knows how to get his clients to think for themselves regarding such subjects as vision statements, goals, tasks, priorities, etc. in order to create a plan for growth. I enjoyed my sessions with Gordon and recommend him to others looking for direction in their businesses!" Read Less

Kelly Elsasser, President Valley Connection

"Gordon Parkman is an exceptional man who I am honored to work with and now call a friend. Read More Gordon provides great insights based on his vast knowledge and experience. He is always early for our meetings and his sense of humor is infectious. I am so very happy with the guidance and services that are provided by Gordon. I highly recommend Gordon as a top notch business consultant." Read Less

Chris Lombardo, Co-Owner, Slim and FIT Arizona

"Gordon has been such a help for me taking my small business to the next level! Read More He is encouraging and supportive when necessary, as well as honest and forthright when I need a kick in the pants, so to speak. As a reluctant entrepreneur, having someone like Gordon in my corner to help keep me on track is invaluable, and I recommend him to anyone seeking guidance on the way to small business success." Read Less

Dr. Krista Gibson, Animal Medical Services

"Gordon's insight based off his extensive operational experience has been helpful in defining roles within my organization."

Joseph Toth, Area Developer, the new well Arizona

"The business of doing business is changing; Gordon has the vision and expertise to guide business owners to be successful in their endeavors. Read More With 80% of small businesses failing, we can not afford to sit back and watch this trend continue. Gordon has the passion to get in the trenches with a business owner to guide them to success. I highly recommend Gordon to assist in making a business successful. Sometimes it takes the eyes of an outsider to see what is really happening in a business." Read Less

Debbie Curtis, Consultant, Alpha Business Brokers, LLC

"Gordon is a top notch mentor and coach. Read More He believes in what he does and cares about his clients. Gordon is a true professional who will not disappoint. I would recommend him to anyone – in-fact I have several times!!! When I have a need for his services he is my first stop!!" Read Less

Gary Stark, Center Dean, Keller Graduate School of Management

"Gordon is an amazing individual with a wealth of real-world knowledge and passion for entrepreneurs and new business startups. Read More He is the go to expert for getting your business off the ground and delivering results. I highly recommend him." Read Less

Scott Olason, Owner, Breakaway Creative LLC

"Gordon is always eager to help with any aspect of business. Read More He is very knowledgeable and motivated to help business owners be successful. I would highly recommend Gordon for all your business planning needs." Read Less

Diane Hibbs, Small Business Marketing Consultant, Page One For You

"I met Gordon at a local networking event a couple of years ago. Read More I was immediately impressed with the depth of knowledge and experience Gordon has acquired in his career. From managing the balance sheet to engaging and inspiring his direct reports, Gordon has the first hand experience of leading an organization to growth and success. If you want to take your company to the next level, I highly recommend you work with and learn from Gordon." Read Less

David W. Murphy, CEO/President, Xpress Protection Security Solutions, Inc.

"Gordon has an extensive management background in the manufacturing industry. Read More His knowledge of process improvement and the importance of people development make him an invaluable resource across the corporate community. As a colleague during the past three years his insight and knowledge has assisted my efforts several times." Read Less

Bill Locke, Exsellence Planning Systems, Inc.

"As a sole practitioner attorney, I possess a law degree and knowledge of practicing law. I was not knowledgeable about owning, managing, and building my business. That is where Gordon came in. Read More Gordon has helped me and continues to help me develop into the forward-thinking and smart business owner that I have become and am still becoming. He has helped me with all aspects of business development, including budgeting, business planning, delegation of work, marketing my business, and taking weaknesses and turning them into strengths. My business runs more smoothly and efficiently because of Gordon and during the last six months alone, I have seen a significant increase in business profits due to Gordon's help. If you are looking to move your business forward and have greater sustainable results, I highly recommend Gordon!" Read Less

Olga Zlotnik, Law Office of Olga Zlotnik