Defining Success


The first thing we look for is how our clients define success to see if where they are today is different from where they want to be tomorrow. What actual improved results our clients want to achieve in their organization or in their personal lives and how that will be tracked and measured. The importance of a thoughtful definition of success is that it provides a target toward which everyone can aim. Everything else we do is specifically geared around achieving those results.

If there is a difference between today and where they want to be tomorrow, then as an organization they must do something differently.

A definition of organizational insanity is to do the things that you've always done, but to expect different outcomes.

We see this when organizations want to increase their share of market, but are unwilling to consider new technology, packaging, distribution, etc.

Instead they beat up the sales organization to get more sales.

The problem is what they've been doing isn't working. Therefore, they need to try something else.