In our experience, the degree to which there is alignment between strategy, people, and process, greatly impacts the likelihood of achieving success. If there is misalignment, the likelihood of achieving strategic goals is proportionally reduced. Therefore WHAT we do is to partner with organizations to help them grow and sustain profitable marketplace advantages by helping to align their people and processes with their strategy. HOW we do it is dependent upon the specific needs of each client.

There are two basic categories of processes: a production process and a business process. It is important to note that a great majority of the costs associated with the product or service being provided are in the business processes. Estimates range as high as 85%-90% of a company's costs are in the business processes. Business processes are; accounts receivable/payable, quality response, hiring/firing, product development, purchasing, customer service, distribution, etc.

Business Process Improvement is a problem solving model that corrects the problem by changing the process. This can be done taking one of these Improvement Strategies; Root Cause Analysis (focus on Eliminating Variation without changing the process.) or Cycle Time Reduction (focus on Eliminating Non-Value-Added Steps, Time, and Improving Work Flow by changing the process.)

The Results are Measurable

  • Eliminate Errors
  • Minimize Delays
  • Maximize use of Assets
  • Promote Understanding
  • Adaptable to Changing Customer and Business Needs
  • Remove Waste
  • Satisfied Employees
  • Improved Profitability

"Processes that are left unregulated will change, but the change will be for the convenience of the people in the process rather than the best interest of the company or the customer." ~ H. James Harrington