Succession Planning

Succession Planning should be a key part of your Strategy and Achieve Results Consulting will partner with you to develop a succession plan for your business.

Have you ever thought about who would take over your business if any one of your key players left your organization, or worse yet, passed away suddenly?

These types of issues must be addressed if you want your business to thrive.

When you look at Succession Planning, you need to consider an exit strategy and who will take the reins.

Is there an individual internally or will the successor be from outside the company?

With an internal candidate he or she must be willing to take over, and there will need to be a development plan for the individual.

You may need to consider how the other members of the company will take to the new head person.

  • Is the company marketable for someone for the outside to take over?
  • Will that be a competitor?
  • An individual having an interest in the industry?
  • Someone interested in adding another company to their portfolio?

These are just few of the items needing to be considered.