Courage to Succeed

Success is determined by our willingness to achieve and the spirit upon which we assume risk and responsibility.”  ~ Jan DeLory

This quote packs quite a powerful punch. Success is defined in very individual and personal ways. Some people define success financially, some by the success of their children, some by professional title and status, and some by material items such as the size of the house or the brand of the car sitting in the driveway. How you define success is important to you and to you alone.

However, success by whatever definition is often elusive because of our ‘willingness to achieve.’ How many times have you heard a team member, an employee, family member, or friend say they wanted to achieve something: make more money, buy a new car, earn a promotion, etc., and in subsequent conversations they share their unending frustrations about why they are not accomplishing what they want. Sometimes our desire to achieve something far outweighs our willingness to achieve it. Willingness to achieve means doing what is necessary and having the appropriate attitudes to drive the required activity.  Developing and maintaining appropriate attitudes takes courage, the courage to think and behave differently in order to achieve different results. Creating new habits of thought that link directly to desired results takes commitment that can’t waiver when challenges present themselves. Achievement worth having will take extra effort and dedication to the outcome—true success is never easy.

Do you have the spirit to assume the risk and responsibility for your success? Are you confident enough in what you want to achieve that you can say with confidence that you will take personal responsibility and face the risks of success head on? When working with people, one of my biggest frustrations is what I call the “success shell game.” Just like the street game where the shells are moved around in a random pattern for the person to identify which shell the pea is under, many individuals who find success elusive, are just moving the shells of their life around and around. In this case, each shell represents an outside force or circumstance they believe is the reason for lack of results.

I couldn’t do it because …”

It didn’t happen because …”

It would have happened if only …”

The truth of matter is that most times the obstacle lies deep within you. In the equation of success the only variable you can control with 100% certainty is you. To achieve success you have to have the courage, the willingness, and the spirit to do what it takes to make it happen. Don't let outside circumstances or obstacles stop you, and refuse to let your own attitude be the biggest obstacle of all.

Your success is linked to your attitude. Do you have the courage to do what is necessary to succeed?