Me? Change?

I posted a blog with this topic a few years back, and now with COVID-19 I’m taking a different slant to the topic. This blog is reflective of our current situation.

Even though the acute threat of COVID-19 will pass, things will not return completely to normal. The virus and the economic tumult that accompanies it are transformative events and will likely change lifestyle and financial choices for every generation.

Each generation from Baby Boomers to Gen-Z has to make changes to adjust to how they think and act. Each will look at the situation and see it differently as to adjustments they have or will make.

If we want to prepare for what our world will look like when things settle—weeks, months or even a year from now—it’s worth considering how our perspectives will change from this, and we might live our lives differently.

During the past couple of months we've all had to change how we go about our day-to-day lives. Also, our thought process has changed. Some of the changes were thought out others 'knee jerk' reactions.

Let me touch on a couple impacting businesses. Employees working from home. This presented a challenge with technology, confidentiality, employees getting the required work done, etc. As a business owner, were you prepared for the Change? What did you learn from this COVID-19 experience relating to your business? What changes will need to be made as we get into a different normal, as stay at home transitions away?

How about small businesses that are considered non-essential. These have been seriously impacted! As a business owner for this type of business, what changes do you have to make to get back in operation? What changes do you have to make within the operation of your business? What do you have to put in-place to minimize the impact of your having to shutdown in the future?

Then there are the small business owners normally working out of their home office. Children are at home for school. What changes have these business people had to make? Here are just a few adjustments/considerations I'm sure they encountered; available technology (internet and computers), balancing time between business needs and personal life, and client interaction remotely vs. face to face.

Here's a question for you: How do you get a different result? You change something, of course! Now, the real question: Are you motivated to change right here and right now? The need to change is only the beginning … the motivation to change is where the rubber meets the road.

Until something drastic happens in our lives that causes pain, change is unlikely to take place.

So, what can we do about it? How can we motivate ourselves for big changes in our finances, health, or even relationships? It's no great secret: Change requires predetermined goals and dedicated effort.

This means you must completely abandon your old habits and start by looking into what it is you want in your life. Conversations like that are not easy to hold with yourself. It helps to have someone to support you to get what you truly want in life. If you don't have that, change will be very difficult. Ask yourself the following:

  • Who are the people who are currently in my life invested in my success and who want to see me grow?

  • Who are the people currently in my life who are willing to do whatever it takes to help me achieve my goals?

That’s a tall order for a spouse, loved one, and/or friends. While they may mean well, they might be easily distracted or focused on their own issues and challenges. Have you ever considered the benefits of having a coach? A good coach is solely focused on your issues and your success. With meaningful, regular conversations, you are able to share a meaningful goal. Tell your coach the changes you want to make. Ask your coach for support. Talk to your coach regularly to hold you accountable for the necessary steps you need to make that change. Take your life to the next level! This is how you grow. This is the value of change. This is how coaches can help you to achieve success in your life.

Start today.....

What did you learn from the COVID-19 experience? What CHANGES do you need to make right now?