Reasons Clients Need Me

Research shows we are moving to what is being coined as a gig economy, an opportunity for companies to hire people on a project basis to create and develop solutions and outcomes.

But, why would the client organizations need me or find value in my independent services? Here are five thoughts:

1. To obtain specific experience or expertise.

Many small to medium size organizations can’t afford to work with large consulting firms as they are cost prohibitive. However, that does not mean they don’t need specific experience and expertise to grow their organization.

2. To identify problems or new opportunities.

Sometimes an organization’s leadership is missing the root cause of an existing problem or they are walking by new opportunities because they are just too close to see them. A fresh pair of eyes and an open perspective from an outside consultant could be just the trick for new growth and innovation.

3. To be a catalyst for change.

When we are able to help an organization’s leadership see the opportunities for growth or help them uncover the root cause of a nagging problem often times they are then looking for help to implement the solution. Most employees (people) do not like change. Having a fresh and outside perspective can help keep everyone on track and stop the team from reverting back to the attitude of “we have always done it this way.”

4. To be a problem solver.

Sometimes when an organization is stuck and they can’t seem to get out of their own way, they need someone to come in and complete a needs assessment and help them see why, in fact, they are stuck and what to do about it. Sometimes organizations are so stuck they just need an expert to come in and provide a new path.

5. To be a sounding board.

Running a business can be a lonely job and sometimes you can’t share certain challenges with your team or employees. Having an outside, unbiased sounding board can be a senior leader’s best resource. Having someone that is trusted to listen, give guidance, and provide suggested action steps is a huge value.

These five reasons are by no means the only reasons that a small or mid-sized organization could value our consulting services.

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