The 5 Do’s and Don’ts of Asking Questions

Our experience over the years has helped us to create this list of the 5 most critical Do’s and Don’ts of asking questions.

Let's start with the Don'ts.

1. Don't talk too much about yourself. You are not important... your prospects are!

2. Don't give control of the conversation to your prospects just because they ask a question. Answer their question, and get back to asking question.

3. Don't settle for "I don't know" answers. Ask instead, “Who does know?” or “How can we find out?” or if you’re feeling particularly saucy, “Do you think you should know?”

4. Don't try to push them to make a decision when they are unemotional. Ask questions to hook their emotions.

5. Don't talk too much. (Yes, that's on the list twice because it IS that important!)

Now on to the Do’s

1. Do confirm any assumptions you have about your prospects or their company early on by asking questions.

2. Do keep control of the conversation by asking good questions. He/she who asks questions is in control of the conversation.

3. Do keep your cool if your prospects ask you challenging questions. If you're not prepared to answer them yet, say that followed by, "I need a little more information. Do you mind if I ask you...?" and keep on asking.

4. Do ask, "Is there anything else?" often!

5. Do act confused if you need more information. There's no such thing as too many questions.

You can change the quality of your life just by changing the quality of the questions you ask.

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