On Getting "It" Done

Do you have an "It" project that's been lingering around on your "Should Do" list for a couple of months now? You know the one ... it's that project that you keep seeing on the periphery that just never seems to make it to the top of your "Must Do" list. Actually, it may even have a longer name. It could be that project you'll handle when you get "Around to It." Whether you know it or not, that project is weighing you down. "It" could even be making it harder for you to accomplish your daily "Must Do's." Why put "It" off? Here are some tips on getting "It" done:

1. Tell someone you're going to do "It." ~ Accountability is king! Having someone hold your feet to the fire, or just asking you a gentle question might be all you need to get "It" moving.

2. Give "It" your best time frame. ~ Estimate the number of hours you truly believe you have to dedicate in order to get "It" out of your way. Then evaluate your optimum time of day. Are you an early riser or a night owl? Do you do your best work in the middle of the night or the heat of the day? Maybe try switching it up. If you've been saving "It" for your prime time and it's not happened yet, why not allocate some off hours?

3. Be prepared to give "It" a rest. ~ You've probably been putting "It" off because "It's" a bear of a project. Make sure you build in some break time. And not just some "put my feet up and watch the weather" break time. Studies show brief periods of exercise such as a brisk walk can really help you jump back into "It" with gusto.

4. Make "It" a challenge. ~ It's already challenging, of course, or you would have accomplished it months ago, but there's nothing like a healthy bet with yourself to keep you motivated. If you estimate it will take you a full 12 hours to complete "It", assign a goal-bust time. Race with yourself to complete it in 11 hours.

5. "It" deserves a prize. ~ Be sure to give yourself a reward for a job well done. It could be something simple like having your favorite decadent dessert for dinner instead of waiting for dessert, or treating yourself (and your car) to the premium detail package next time it's due for a wash, or allowing yourself an hour of relaxation in the middle of the day.

Whether "It's" reorganizing your desk, entering data into your contact management system, or catching up on hand-written correspondence ... you'll be glad to get "It" out of your way!



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