You're Halfway ... Will 5 More Steps Get You There?

The end of June marked the halfway point in that successful year you planned to have when you reviewed your goals at the end of 2013. Have you done a mid-year check yet? If you have and are satisfied with your progress, please don't read the rest of this post ... you’re obviously just where you want to be. If, however, you started your year all fired up and your momentum has waned, here are some ideas on how to get yourself jump-started:

1. Dig out that list of what you wanted to accomplish this year. If you wrote it in December and haven’t done anything about it, you might benefit from the simple act of putting some dates in your daily planning system. If you haven't written a specific plan of attack, odds are this goal will never get accomplished. If it is so important to you, why would you allow something as simple as writing it down stand in your way?

2. Take a serious, hard look at the rewards and consequences of achieving your goal. If you are not where you want to be with this goal, the answer to re-firing your engines lies with your motivation to accomplish it; either the benefits of achieving it are not compelling enough or the repercussions of inaction are not dire enough. Take some time to figure out how you will benefit and/or what you stand to lose by bringing this goal to life.

3. What’s really in your way? Have you overcome any of the limitations that might be standing in the way of your goal achievement? Are there unforeseen obstacles that have hindered your progress? Remember: it's never the first few obstacles that get in the way ... it's the seventh or eighth. What are the possible solutions to consider that will help you overcome these obstacles? If the word "Me" isn't one of your obstacles, it probably should be. It's time to face the facts ... if this is truly your goal; "Me" got in the way somewhere. How can you get "Me" out of the way?

4. Take action. What specific steps do you need to take to regain your forward momentum? This is the time to get creative. Try something different! It's VERY easy to fall back into old patterns and habits. It's much harder to venture away from your comfort zones and discover what's around the next corner. What can you do today that will get you started?

5. Get help. There are people in your life invested in your success. Seek them out. And don't be afraid to look outside your usual support circles. Be brave. Share your goal, and ask for input and ideas. There's probably one small step you need to take that's just outside your focus; all you need is a bystander’s perspective to help you see it clearly.

If you have completed steps 1 through 5, congratulations! You are well on your way to more than just goal setting … you’re rocketing down the highway of goal achieving!


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